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Why Invest In Calgary Real Estate?


City Expansion

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Why Me?

I am a licensed Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Investor and renovator. I care about my clients well being and look at properties that are best for them. Not all properties are a match for my clients. I have a trained eye for the big issues, risks and expensive repairs that may face my clients now or in the future.


One of my superpowers as a real estate agent is being able to evaluate properties, and providing my client with an assessment of where the risks are, what renovation costs will likely be and how to do them. Having done renovations for more then 20 years, I was also a licensed electrician and master home inspector in my previous careers. 


Reducing my clients risk, saving them money, finding them the best property and building a lifelong relationship is my highest priority. 

My Podcast!

  • I have the privilege to learn from and interview Real Estate Investors! Please subscribe to Calgary Real Estate Investing Podcast.

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