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My Career Bio

I spent most of my career in Oil & Gas. I completed two Red Seal Trades one as an Electrician the other as an Instrumentation Technician.  During my career I worked 12 years for TC Energy.  I started out as a technician and then went into their head office control room, I was certified as a Pipeline Operator. Working night shifts with young kids at home was difficult so I needed a change. I started a new role as a Gas Scheduler which was technical, repetitive, extremely demanding at times and unfulfilling for me. Unfortunately, it took me years to realize that the role wasn't for me. I enjoyed connecting with my colleagues. I did not enjoy the endless meetings, pipeline processes and continues cooperate restructuring plans. I needed out but did not have a university degree to open any new doors for me. Then a life crisis occurred with 3 major life events happening at the same time, a divorce, my mom passed away from a terminal illness, and my close friend committing suicide the same week my mom passed away. All of this combined with a highly demanding unfulfilling job, I was at my breaking point. I started taking sleeping pills to sleep each night, which would cause brain fog and poor work performance. I officially burned out, I had no choice but to resign from TC Energy.  I worked on homes for years so I became a licensed home inspector and started a home inspection business.  Being a single dad and not having a partner to support me,  I new that doing home inspections to start would be safer financially instead of going straight into Real Estate as Realtor. After completing approximately 1,000 home inspections I received my certification as a Master Home Inspector. So now its kind of like I have 3 Trades. My employee has taken over the home inspection company so I can focus on being a fulltime REALTOR. Getting through life's valley was very difficult, I sometimes questioned if I could do it. I'm very thankful that I did!

Thanks for reading my bio!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Corey Peckford 

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